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and "Usaping Puki"

April 5, 2013, 7:30 PM
Herbst Theatre, 401 Van Ness, San Francisco



Filipina Women's Network
Sonia Delen 415.203.8111, soniadelen@yahoo.com
Rebecca Corteza 415.935.4396, rebecca.corteza@ffwn.org

V-Day Filipina Women’s Network
Presents a Benefit Production of
10 Years of Community Performances
·    Al Perez, Commissioner, San Francisco Entertainment Commission
·    Bennie Lou Quevedo, Partner, WFG-Bay Area
·    Beverly Popek, LBE Certification Manager, City and County of San Francisco
·    Coffy David-Shea, Media Producer
·    Cristina Ibarra, Student, University High School
·    Elayne Doughty, Speaker/Psychotherapist, Planet Breathe
·    Elena Mangahas, Chair, Filipina Women's Network
·    Eliana Lopez, Progressive Women Rising
·    Fiona Ma, former CA State Speaker ProTem and Assemblymember (D19)
·    Genevieve Jopanda, Executive Director, SF HepB Free Campaign
·    Joanne Badua, Doctor of Jurisprudence Candidate, Golden Gate University School of Law
·    Julie Soo, Esq., President, San Francisco Commission on the Status of Women
·    Karen Mejia Pennrich, Sonoma State University
·    Ken Marquis, Senior Operations Manager, George P. Johnson
·    Kimberly Ellis, Executive Director, Emerge California
·    Kit Palabyab, Sylvan Learning
·    Malia Cohen, San Francisco Supervisor (D10)
·    Marily Mondejar, Commissioner, Commission on Community Investment and Infrastructure
·    Mary Cantrell (aka MotherMaryDiva), SF City Attorney's Office
·    Melinda E. Lopez, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission
·    Melissa Ann Apuya, Office of State Senator Leland Yee
·    Rebecca Corteza, Fellow, Filipina Women's Network
·    Sabrina Fitranty, Certified Domestic Violence Counselor and Multi-Language Advocate
·    Sheryll Casuga, PsyD, Sports Psychology Consultant
·    Silvia Vasquez-Lavado, Sr. Manager Financial Systems, eBay
·    Sonia Delen, Senior Vice President, Banc of America Leasing Merrill Lynch
·    Stephanie Block, Board Member, Friends of the SF Commission on the Status of Women
·    Stephanie Lacambra, Deputy Public Defender, San Francisco Public Defender's Office
·    Tahitia Dean, Alameda County Office of Education
·    Thea Selby, Principal, Next Steps Marketing
·    Trisha Marco, Telamon Engineering Consultants, Inc.
The cast and crew of The Vagina Monologues are comprised of ordinary citizens in the San Francisco Bay Area committed to eradicating violence against women and girls.  They are community leaders, professionals, activists and students. Beneficiaries include V-Day Spotlight 2013: One Billion Rising, FWN’s Women of Color United Against Violence Campaign, My Sister’s House.

"Bumangon" One Billion Rising Flash Mob will be performed by Babae San Francisco, a grassroots and volunteer-based organization of Filipina women in San Francisco dedicated to supporting and empowering Pinays through critical education, leadership development, and community building. Babae San Francisco is a proud member of GABRIELA USA, an international alliance of progressive Filipino women's organizations working for true and genuine change in the Philippines.
Friday, April 5, 2013
7:30 pm “The Vagina Monologues” Performance
9:00 pm “Handprints” Men Against Violence Pledge co-led by:
  • Eric Mar, San Francisco Supervisor (D1)
  • Norman Yee, San Francisco Supervisor (D7)
9:10 pm “Bumangon” One Billion Rising Flash Mob by GABRIELA USA
Herbst Theatre
401 Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco
www.cityboxoffice.com or call 415.392.4400
$28 seniors & students, $38 general admission, $100 VIP. 10% discount for group tickets of 10 or more. 
Can't make it? Consider sponsoring a resident or advocate of a domestic violence shelter or agency so they can come and see the show. Go to www.FilipinaWomensNetwork.org/events to sponsor.
Why the message of The Vagina Monologues after 15 years is still relevant.  Quotes from community leaders on why the show reverberates and has extended effects in their lives:
“The Vagina Monologues sends a powerful message to women (and men) that violence is not acceptable and women are not alone and can find strength in hearing other women's stories.  -Fiona Ma, former CA State Speaker ProTem and Assemblymember (D19); Fiona has been involved with the production since 2009.
"We must use all the tools available to us to address violence against women including the law, policy and laughter. Raising awareness about women and relationships is a key part in breaking down the barriers that separate us" - Malia Cohen, Supervisor (D10); Malia is on her 2nd year of participation.
"Each time I read for The Vagina Monologues, a woman comes up to me to share her secret, her shame.  She now knows that she has a support system and she can begin to heal.  That's why I continue to support Filipina Women's Network (FWN) anti-domestic violence campaign." – Julie Soo, Esq., President, San Francisco Commission on the Status of Women; cast member since 2009.
“My years in social services have shown me how violence against women diminishes the economic development of our nation. Annually, more than 4.5 million violent crimes against women occur worldwide. In the United States, those who are victims of domestic assaults lose 8 million days of paid work per year. In supporting VAWA, we need to highlight the link between women's need to be safe from violence and economic self-sufficiency.
Through the ten years of The Vagina Monologues, I know we have influenced advocates, and I, among them, continue the vigilance that's necessary to build security for women - our very foundation for a strong and sustainable society. – Elena Mangahas, Chair, Filipina Women's Network; cast and crewmember since 2004.
"I have witnessed Filipina Women's Network (FWN) help transform survivors into thrivers. It's what happens beyond just the production. It changes lives. That's why I have come back every year for the past 9 years."  - Genevieve Jopanda, Executive director, SF Hep B Free Campaign; Genevieve started as a cast member in 2005; she co-directs the show now.
“I'm trembling with excitement for my second year in The Vagina Monologues! Our cast, crew and organizers make the impossible seem likely, and it's such a unique, communal way to raise awareness around an issue that can make people feel isolated. Viva vaginas! – Stephanie Block, Board Member of the Friends of the San Francisco Commission on the Status of Women, US National Committee for UN Women, and the Jewish Federations of North America’s National Young Leadership Cabinet.
“I came back because I would get a chance to revel in the empowerment of the material and the community again.  I've missed it. This is a special community of strong women and a special event to raise awareness and funds for a cause I believe in.  Where else do you get a chance to celebrate vaginas in a loving community of joy and laughter? – Stephanie Lacambra, Deputy Public Defender, San Francisco Public Defender's Office. Stephanie was in FWN’s inaugural show in 2004 when she was a law student.
“It's a rare honor to direct this uniquely talented multicultural cast who brings a fresh, funny, and surprisingly poignant approach to what is truly uplifting for a one night only event. While I've been directing The Vagina Monologues for nearly a decade, I'm the most excited I've ever been to share a production with an audience.  Whether this is your first time or you're a "TVM Veteran", please don't miss this new life-affirming production that I guarantee you'll be thinking and talking about for a very long time. – Ken Marquis, Senior Operations Manager, George P. Johnson.  A former child star and TV producer, Ken joined the production as a crewmember and had co-directed the show for six years now.
“I’m a domestic violence survivor – a secret I kept for many years until 2006.  When I met Eve Ensler in 2003 and persuaded me to produce The Vagina Monologues, I thought it was just going to be a fun project.  Little did I know that it would transform my life and many lives.I was ostracized and was called the “vagina lady or puki lady”.  We broke the silence around domestic violence.  We persisted and I think we can now discuss the problem openly. We started with an all-Filipina cast in 2004 and travelled the show to New York, Washington DC and Las Vegas.  We reached out to the Asian community in 2009. Last year we invited all women of color and this year, our 10th anniversary, we invited all women to join our anti-domestic violence campaign. We will continue this awareness campaign until the violence against women stops.” – Marily Mondejar, Executive Producer, V-Day FWN; President, Filipina Women's Network
What are The Vagina Monologues?
Award-winning play based on V-Day Founder/playwright Eve Ensler's interviews with more than 200 women. With humor and grace the piece celebrates women's sexuality and strength. Through this play and the liberation of this one word, countless women throughout the world have taken control of their bodies and their lives. For 15 years, The Vagina Monologues has given voice to experiences and feelings not previously exposed in public.
About Filipina Women’s Network (FWN)
FWN is the non-profit organization founded to raise funding and awareness of the activities, careers and status of women of Philippine ancestry living in the United States. FWN fosters the socioeconomic, political, and educational advancement of Filipina women through cultural heritage events, career initiatives and professional development programs. FWN strives to enhance public perceptions of Filipina women's capacities to lead, change biases against Filipina women's leadership abilities and build the Filipina community's pipeline of qualified leaders, to increase the odds that some will rise to the President position in all sectors. www.FilipinaWomensNetwork.org.
About V-Day
V-Day is a global activist movement to end violence against women and girls that raises funds and awareness through benefit productions of Playwright/Founder Eve Ensler's award winning play The Vagina Monologues and other artistic works. In 2012, over 5,800 V-Day benefit events organized by volunteer activists in the U.S. took place around the world educating millions of people about the reality of violence against women and girls. To date, the V-Day movement has raised over $90 million; educated millions about the issue of violence against women and the efforts to end it; crafted international educational, media and PSA campaigns; reopened shelters; and funded over 13,000 community-based anti-violence programs and safe houses in Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti, Kenya, South Dakota, Egypt and Iraq. Over 300 million people have seen a V-Day benefit event in their community. V-Day has received numerous acknowledgements including Worth Magazine's 100 Best Charities, Marie Claire Magazine's Top Ten Charities, one of the Top-Rated organizations on Philanthropedia/Guidestar and Great Nonprofits. www.vday.org


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