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Solar Powered Systems Job Skills Training

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The Filipina Women's Network (FWN) is collaborating with SolarSolutions Philippines and the Climate Change Commission with the Office of the President of the Philippines on a job skills training program. This collaboration was initiated with the support of Secretary Mary Ann Lucille Sering (FWN Global100 '13).

With the support of a local partner in Tacloban, headed by Sr. Tonette Echavez of the Daughters of St. Paul in Tacloban City, FWN has pre-selected 25 women beneficiaries who are Haiyan survivors living in the UN Tent City.

In this special program, the women will be trained to assemble solar panels and to install these panels in homes. SolarSolutions, our technical partner, will install 25 solar power lighting and cellphone charging systems with the women beneficiaries.

The women will be trained by SolarSolutions and will do actual installations together in their bunkhouses, tents, or evacuation centers.

SolarSolutions requires a $13,000 budget to start:

  • Cost of materials and installation:
    • P 17,000/system x 25 systems = P 425,000
  • Allowance for the women beneficiaries:
    • P 250/day x 3 days x 25 women = P 18,750
  • Logistics costs:
    • shipping of materials = P 20,000
    • airfare for TechTeam and subject matter experts = P 25,000
  • Meals and Accommodation = P 20,000
  • Miscellaneous Costs (i.e. staffing) = P 15,000

FWN has launched the training project with a $15,000 grant and the first training was held February 28, 2014. See the photos here.

We're currently working on jump-starting this training program with a request to fast track the assignments of the bunk houses to the first 25 women we've selected. Through the training program, women will be motivated to learn the technical skills to install solar panels by installing the panels in their 'new' homes. In addition, the solar panels can also provide additional income for the women by allowing them the choice to charge others a minimal fee to charge cell phones or other electronic products.

Why Solar Energy?

  • Low maintenance costs
    • Solar panels have a Lifespan of 25 years
    • Battery lasts 3-5 years
  • No operational costs
    • High poverty rates existed in target beneficiaries even prior to Haiyan. These communities will continue to benefit from free solar energy even when main grid-power returns.
  • Slows down global warming
    • Haiyan is an effect of global warming. Resorting to renewable energy will help avoid the recurrence of a similar disaster

FWN has pledged $10,000 to seed the Solar Powered Systems Skills Training Program and 25 solar panels kits.

Please sponsor a Filipina to learn technical job skills
through the training program for $200.

To donate online thru Feed the Hungry Philippines:
(Memo: FWN/Tacloban and alert us so we can list your name on the Donor page)

If you prefer to write a check, please mail your contributions payable to:
Feed the Hungry Philippines
c/o FWN
P.O. Box 192143
San Francisco, CA 94119
Memo: FWN/Tacloban

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