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Filipina Summit Schedule 2009

Filipina Leadership: Action NOW

Ruthe Catolico Ashley

Ruthe Catolico Ashley

Chair, Presidential Advisory Council on Diversity
American Bar Association
Founding President & CEO, Calfornia ALL

Thursday, Oct 29

FWN 100 - Awards Ceremony Rehearsal

FWN Members Only - Welcome Reception hosted by Elena Mangahas, FWN Board Chair & Mayor Gavin Newsom at the Mayor's Balcony, City Hall
    • Sponsored by Ramar Foods

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"MY LIFE" - Coming 'Home' to ME
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Friday, Oct 30

CEO Panel: Developing Corporate Savvy

Owning Your Future: Strategic Mentoring

Getting Appointed to Boards & Commissions
"Filipinas in Motion" Roundtables

The Road to Entrepreneuring
  • Starting a Business
  • Buying a Franchise
  • Buying an Existing Business
  • Starting a Practice
'Lost, Heroes, Fringe, Eleventh Hour' - Popular Culture Stories To Be Mindful

Run, Filipina, Run: Filipina Women Who Could Be President

Developing Personal Presence:  Communication Skills Training

Contracting with Government & Corporations

Filipina Women in the U.S. Military

Drumming Your Spirit, Planning Your Life: the 12 Areas of Need

Gala Awards Dinner - Recognition of the 100 Most Influential Filipina Women in the U.S. (2009)
      Filipina Attire / Formal | Barong / Black Tie

Saturday, Oct 31

Changing Paradigms: Change is Good

Filipina Image in America

Career Fair @ the Filipina Summit

Owning Your Future: Strategic Mentoring
Coming Home: Doing Business in the Philippines

"Filipinas in Motion" Roundtables
Boosting Your Happiness Quotient - Embodying Wellness to the Optimum ('Hilot', Kali, Boxing, Dancing - healing and  restorative arts for joyful living) - Mila Josue, Health & Wellness Panel Chair
Workplace Chronicles and Other Humorous Anecdotes
Retooling Your Career

Leading Others
"Kwentuhan": Cultural Collisions
      "Filipina Haloween" costume requested

Signs of the Times: Health & Wellness for Filipina Women

Sunday, Nov 1

Make Me A Filipina Millionaire

Twitter, Facebook, iPhone, Manga, Second Life –  Are You Keeping Up With the Cultural Tools for the 21st Century?

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Developing A Community of Influence

Filipinas in Motion: Peer Circles

We begin the Filipina Summit with getting to know your peers at breakfast.  Join the Peer Circle of your choice.  Four opportunities to network with peers - you may join a different Peer Circle each time:
  • Friday, Oct. 30 - 7:30-9am @ breakfast
  • Saturday, Oct. 31 - 7:30-9am @ breakfast; 12-1pm @ lunch
  • Sunday, Nov. 1 - 8-9am @ brunch

Filipinas in the Arts
  • Judy Romanenkov, Artist, JBMR Paintings
  • Dr. Priscilla Magante Quinn, Educator
Filipinas in Successful Careers and Life Transitions
  • Cora Tellez, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Sterling HSA
  • Zeny Cunanan, President & CEO, Galaxy Global Corporation

Filipinas in Communications
  • Susie Quesada, Marketing Manager, Ramar Foods International
  • Nerissa Fernandez, Public Relations, ABS-CBN International

Filipinas in Education
  • Eleonor Castillo, Ph.D. Candidate, University of Maryland, College Park
  • Thelma Boac, Principal, Silver Creek High School

Filipina Entrepreneurs
  • Sol Manaay, Founder and CEO, CARE ON CALL, INC.
  • Lita Abele, President & CEO, U.S. Lumber

Filipinas in Finance & Administration
  • Sonia Delen, Senior Vice President, Banc of America Leasing, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
  • Judy Arteche Carr, Managing Director, Arteche Global Group

Filipinas in Healthcare
  • Laarni San Juan, Public Health Nurse, San Mateo County
  • Norma Panahon, M.D., Medical Director, Buffalo Psychiatric Center

Filipinas in the Food Industry
  • Lorrie Reynoso, Chef Instructor, Institute for Culinary Education
  • Brenda Buenviaje, Chef/Owner, Brenda's French Soul Food
  • Evelyn Bunoan, Master Chef / Restauranteur & TV Host

Filipinas in Law
  • Rose Zimmerman, City Attorney, City of Daly City
  • Carina Castaneda, Law Offices of Carina Castaneda

Filipinas in Management
  • Rebecca Delgado, Vice President, Community Relations & Govt Affairs, Academy of Art University
  • Dr. Patricia Espiritu Halagao, Associate Professor, College of Education, University of Hawaii; Global Teach

Filipinas in Uniform & Government
  • Lt. Col. Shirley Raguindin, Arizona National Guard
  • Captain Raquel Cruz Bono, Chief of Staff, Deputy Director, TRICARE Management Activity, Medical Corps, US Navy

Filipinas in Nonprofit, Faith & Community Organizations
  • Joselyn Geaga-Rosenthal, Greater Echo Elysian Neighborhood Council, Los Angeles
  • Maria Banatao, Principal, Banatao Family Filipino American Education Fund

Filipinas in Politics
  • Joanne F. Del Rosario, Mayor, Town of Colma, California
  • Lorraine Inouye, State Senator, Hawaii (former)

Filipinas in Science & Technology
  • Dely Alcantara, Senior Research Scientist, Bureau of Business and Economic Research, University of New Mexico
  • Nana Luz, Co-Founder, Softype, Inc.
  • Dr. Nini Bautista


These are small discussion groups of Filipina women in similar fields and professional areas of expertise. Each group has a Peer Discussion Leader who will facilitate the flow of ideas and ensure participant sharing and empowerment. Topics will cover career strategies, real-life stories (triumphs, struggles, accomplishments), an insider's perspective on how Filipinas navigate their unique workplaces, and best practices on how to "arrive, survive, and thrive" in the world of work. These small discussion circles will provide an environment to restart thought processes and expand thinking. Registered summit attendees can join any Peer Circle of their choice.


Whether you're an entrepreneur, student, career changer, homemaker, new or re-entering the workplace, up-and-coming supervisor, seasoned manager, or top executive, Filipinas in Motion has a place for you. FWN provides tools to improve life skills, career competencies, and capacities for leadership effectiveness - thinking strategically, acting decisively, and influencing others. Focusing on real life, business, and career advancement experiences from practitioners, corporate managers, and community leaders.

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