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Shero & Legend: A Tribute to Vangie Buell

  • December 14, 2012
  • 6:00 PM
  • Hana Zen Pier 39 Beach & Embarcadero | San Francisco CA
  • 25


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Shero & Legend: A Tribute to Vangie Buell

Vangie Buell

Please join the Filipina Women's Network at its Holiday Party to honor a Shero & Legend

A Tribute to Vangie Buell
A Remarkable Filipina Woman.

Vangie Buell is a living historical gem: She's the granddaughter of a Buffalo Soldier -- the nickname given by American Indians in the 19th century to black American soldiers. Even rarer: Her grandfather Ernest Stokes was one of the 6,000 Buffalo Soldiers sent to the Philippines to fight during the Spanish-American War during the 1890s. He was one of the few who stayed, married a Filipina (Buell's grandmother) and had children.

In her memoir "Twenty-Five Chickens and a Pig for a Bride: Growing Up in a Filipino Immigrant Family" (T'Boli Publishing, 2006), Buell recounts her grandfather's experience, and her own, as one of the few Filipinos growing up in West Oakland during the 1930s and '40s. She remembers seeing "No Filipinos or dogs allowed" signs posted at restaurants and having to wear a button that said "I am a loyal Filipino" during World War II, because even though she didn't look Japanese, she was still Asian -- and vulnerable to harassment. -Michelle Devera Louie, SF Chronicle

A Filipino-American activist, Vangie was born in San Pedro, California, grew up in West Oakland and devoted her life to social justice, human dignity, multicultural understanding and equality.

Host Committee

Al Perez | Bennie Burris | Dr. Bambi Lorica | Edcelyn Pujol | Elena Mangahas | Dr. Maria Beebe | Sonia T. Delen | Susie Quesada | Col. Shirley Raguindin | Marily Mondejar | Maya Ong Escudero  

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