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FWN Salo Salo: A Midsummer Magical Afternoon

  • May 16, 2010
  • 2:30 PM - 6:00 PM
  • Sol Manaay's Home at 2949 Hastings Avenue, Redwood City


(depends on selected options)

Base fee:
  • first-time attendees as Special Guests of Salo Salo Executive Committee and FWN Board
  • open seating
  • Come to any 7 salo salo months of your choice as long as you RSVP three days before the selected month you wish to attend (transferrable with your request)
  • Come to any 7 salo salo months of your choice as long as you RSVP three days before the selected month you wish to attend (transferrable with your request)
  • your sponsorship will allow one high school or college student to attend the salo salo

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"A Midsummer Magical Afternoon"


Halina sa FWN's Midsummer celebration!

is the magical time when the days are longest and the nights are shortest.

People gathered herbs & flowers woven into garlands to decorate their houses -to shield them from the power of evil spirits & help foretell the future.

Midsummer is a time when ancient peoples gathered to celebrate the sun & its life-giving power!

Sol Manaay, who read "Hair" at the
V-Day FWN's "The Vagina Monologues",
has graciously opened her lovely home and garden so
FWN members, V-Day TVM & MMRP cast and crew members (and alumni).... can all gather once again . . .

Bring a guest, significant other, or your "Bob"!!! 

We'll lazy the afternoon away with magical mojitos, lechon, hearty soups (sabaw), the Filipino dish highlighted at this year's salo salo....and Oracle Readings and Mini Relaxing Massages...for a cooool and swelllll afternoon!

We're also going to have magical guests...... women who support FWN and our community...candidates for the upcoming primary and general elections - amazing women
putting out their hearts and skills so we can all have a better world for our children.

Dr. Emily Murase
, Executive Director, San Francisco Department on the Status of Women (Candidate for San Francisco School Board)


Evelyn J. Centeno, EJC Global Links
(Candidate for Contra Costa County College Board) ...

will speak about civic engagement, public service and why they even bother to run for elected office.

Be entertained!  Cellist, Charles Wang, will play dreamy selections to complete our magical afternoon.

Love and Magic to all you worth souls. See you on May 16 at the stroke of 2:30pm.

~ Your Magical Midsummer Salo Salo Crew ~

Oh, heck!  Midsummer is actually in June but then...we're Asians (and Filipinos) so we're either too early...or too late with our celebrations!

Join us and bring something magical token to share (and talk about) at the networking!

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